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Luggage Policy

The Sedans and Luxury Sedans are able to accommodated maximum of 4 passengers with 3 standard size luggages. SUV is able to accommodate 6 passengers with 6 luggage of standard size.  

Credit Card Policy

In order to pay with credit card, you need to submit it in advance for pre- approval purposes. In order to secure the anticipated total, a preliminary hold of 150 percent is charged on the reserving credit or debit card. This is to ensure total tolls, additional stops, waiting time and gratuity charges are secured. After the payment is processed, this hold is released which is generally after 3 to 5 business days of the trip.  

Cancellation Policy

Any trip which has not been cancelled within the time allotted will be liable to cancellation charges. To avoid such cancellation fares, customers should notify the respective customer service at least 3 hours prior to pickups in 5 Boroughs of New York City inclusive of airports. In case of Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey it should be at least 6 hours before the pickups including Newark Airport. Cancellations are accepted by: Email: info@jfkcarservice.us Phone : 1-718-304-7604  

No Show

A no show is considered when JFK Car service is unable to contact the passenger or the person related through the information given on the reservation, after 15 minutes of the pick- up time. These results in a no show and the ride will be abandoned. A no show constitutes of a full fare, no- show charge if the JFK Car Service has not been notified early on.  


JFK Car Service does not hold any responsibility for any damage to the customer during a service failure. In case JFK car Service fails to perform the services as promised, the damages only include the unused value of the ticket. The JFK Car Service is not responsible for late arrivals, inconvenience or damages due to delayed service. During quick reservations within less than 12 hour of the flight, please call at 1-718-304-7604 for availability.  

Privacy Policy

JFK Car service is committed to protecting the privacy of their customers through the information provided to secure the JFK Car service reservation. The information provided in the reservation can be used in cases of notifying the customer about valuable information such as new JFK Car Service services, special offers and any changes to the official web site. Customers should notify that the JFK Car Service does not engage in the selling, trading or the renting of the personal information provided to any third party. Our encryptions, protective firewalls and latest technology and security measures help us protect the personal information of the passengers provided during reservations. The accuracy and security of the information is achieved without any misconduct such as unauthorized access or improper use. The financial transactions are held through a secure and top notch encryption which guarantees online payment. The transactions are made through US dollars.

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